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Eye redness and how it affects you (3/2019)Updated a year ago


March 6-27, 2019



Note: This survey is a bit different from the others as most of the participants in this survey are people who definitely have issues with eye redness. The real point of the survey is to draw attention to how significant redness is for some patients and the ways it can affect their lives.


How frequently do you experience eye redness?

How severe is the redness you experience?

Does anyone ever comment about how your eyes look?

Does eye redness affect your relationships at school or work?

Does eye redness affect your social life?

How much does eye redness bother you?


  • I agree that getting a good night's sleep helps immeasurably! 
  • The lack of obvious redness sometimes makes it hard for people and doctors to take me serious. Unless the doctor of couse does further tests. Then they can measure the dryness. But to the general public doesn't see a problem. I "look" perfectly normal. Except I close my eyes in the middle of a conversation !
  • The redness usually coincides with my eyes not feeling good.
  • It goes away for maybe a day at a time. It is not helped by eye drops or any my scleral lenses and I cannot wear eye makeup ir my eyes will be blood red for days
  • I keep experimenting with different ointment and drops. I recently needed to start wearing a cpap mask at night and I was unwilling to let it dry my eyes out even more at night. I rigged it up so I wear eye seals under the mask. Surprisingly my redness seems to have lessened.
  • I suffer severe dry eye caused by contact lens wear, then lasik, cataract surgery and big eyes that dont blink fully. It is totally distressing and has made me almost reclusive. Its much worse in artificial light.
  • It's undesirable, but it's far less a problem than the irritation, itchiness and pain from DES and Floppy Eyelids.
  • piost long days scleral lens wear, eyes "glow" red. MUCH mucus. Eye way of letting you know time has LONG since expired for day's wear. Have been told thsi is 'normal'. It is a barometer of inflammation/irritation to me, so I am concerned with corneal deoxygenation- loss of conductive moist interface..
  • My redness goes away under my scleral lenses but stays red elsewhere when lenses are in
  • Actually avoid wearing any red or pink shirts because it really makes the red eyes pop out! Absolutely hate having red eyes, especially since it’s associated with some degree of discomfort (mild to moderate to severe)! It’s daily :(
  • The redness had mainly come from ill fitting scleral lenses and allergies
  • I have rosacea, which is probably the cause of my redness.
  • Eyes get redder the longer I wear my lenses
  • For me, my red eyes are my "scariest" and most distressing symptom. I am only 49 and my eyes look like a 90 year old's eyes. I worry so much that the ever increasing red veins are indicators of permanent damage. I never use any kind of redness removing drops - I am scared it will only make things worse. Hot compresses definitely make it worse - so I am reluctant to use this therapy, even though I know it would help the MGD.
  • you have no idea the opinions people form just based on what they see- all kinds of assumptions are made-you're drinking, using drugs, or just look exhausted all the time. It's compromised my life in so many ways.
  • At the beginning of my dry eyes, it was my only symptom and i was very concerned about it. Then I developped pain and now I don't care
  • I have severe dry eye and my eyes don't close at night, both contributing.

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