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Eyelid hygiene product preferences (2/2023)Updated a year ago


February 14-21, 2023



Question 1: What type of product do you normally use to cleanser your eyelids?

  • Lid cleanser with TEA TREE OIL (e.g. Cliradex, Optase, Oasis, WeLoveEyes, Eye Eco or other brands)
  • Lid cleanser with HYPOCHLOROUS ACID (e.g. Avenova, Hyclear, Heyedrate, Hypochlor or other brands)
  • Lid cleanser, general purpose (e.g. Ocusoft, Ivizia, i-Lid n Lash or other brands)
  • Diluted baby shampoo or other shampoo/soap
  • Something else

Question 2: Which of the following types is your top preference for regular daily use?

Question 3: Do you have a favorite brand/product? If so, please share what you like best about it and how it compares to others.

  • Ocusoft
  • Avenova
  • Optase Protect
  • Oasis
  • Ocusoft
  • Avenova. I feel clean, it’s easy to use, and I feel like I get a good amount for my money. I also like the Toyos Soothe wipes
  • I Lid n Lash with tea trea oil (evening) and Hyedrate spray (morning)
  • Tranquileyes
  • occusoft
  • Briotech, spray costs less, larger sizes
  • Avanova
  • Zocfoam eyelid cleaner
  • TranquilEyes and Ocusoft
  • BioTrue--easy to use, reasonably priced, effective
  • opaste
  • Optase Protect. It sprays consistently and the large size is nice (though not as convenient for travel).
  • Oasis Tears Hypochlorous. Lower concentration of H. Acid than the others (except Avenova). The higher concentration burns; the lower does not.
  • Occusoft Platinum
  • Occusoft
  • I really like Optase eyelid spray as you can leave it on and it is so soothing.
  • Ocusoft foam cleansers and hypochlorous acid spray have worked well for me. Optase hypo spray is a bit easier to dispense (for me) though.
  • Prefer hypochlorous acid .01% for everyday, because it is least irritating, and prefer Eye Eco 1% tea tree during allergy season or when there is congestion
  • Optase Tea Tree
  • My everyday go-to is Tranquileyes Gentle Eyelid Cleanser. It's quick and easy, and I don't need another product to clean my face.
  • I-Lid-nLash... But I can't find it anymore!!???
  • Occusoft Allergy
  • Occusoft original lid scrub pre-moistened wipes. After a very gentle rinse my lids feel somewhat moisturized. My lids can be dry and irritated with other products.
  • Ocusoft foaming scrub. I apply it with my fingers. I tried the ocusoft pre-moistened wipes but found them irritating - even using them gently they would cause lid redness and felt scratchy. I use this foaming scrub 2x a day - before inserting scleral lenses, and after taking them out. It removes eye makeup too! I used to sometimes get styes but haven't had any since starting this regimen! My brother also uses the same product for blepharitis. I also really love the ocusoft hand soap. I use it before inserting my lenses.
  • Occusoft. Gentle. Can't use anything with tea tree oil. Skin around my eyes is sooo sensitive. Also sterilid antimicrobial for emergent blepharitis.
  • Zolocular
  • eye eco
  • Eye Love
  • I loved using Steri-Lid, but then they changed to a runny liquid that is impossible to use. Wish I could find something I liked, but I haven't as of yet
  • OcuSoft. Eye doctor recommended. Pump bottle lasts a long time. Helps my eyes feel better even before I put in drops.
  • Eye Eco Tea Tree Eyelid*Facial Cleanser-The warm water, the Foam fluffing all around my eyes the smell of the Eucalyptus absolutely making them feel fresh and relieved, with the E9 eye lid Serum for taking the extreme dryness away on the eyelid. This makes miserable eyes tolerable for the day, till PM.
  • Avenova. Works better than HypoChlor. Less chlorine smell.
  • Dr. Fischer hydrating eyelid wipes, because they are so easy to use (no rinse)
  • Lid n lash
  • Ocusoft foam is easy to use, works well and won't steal your bank account.
  • none work very well
  • Optase tea tree. Doesn’t dry out my eyes or sting
  • OcuSoft Allergy wipes
  • Occusoft plus platinum foam
  • Occusoft Baby lid wipes
  • Optase lid wipes
  • Eye Eco Advanced Tea Tree Oil—Has more tea tree oil and it’s so gentle and non-drying.
  • Ocusoft Lid Scrub Plus - recommended by my doctor, works for me
  • still looking for one that I really like
  • Bruder hypoclorous spray
  • Heyedrate Lid and Lash…just seems more gentle and “does the job”.
  • avenova but too expensive so using Ocusoft HypoChlor 0.02%
  • Bruder Hygienic Eyelid Cleansing Wipes (leave on-formula, no rinsing needed). Followed by Bruder Hygenic Eyelid Solution Spray (100% pure Hypochloride Acid).
  • I have dry eye and touching my eyes hurts after I wake up. But I can use Bruder wipes without hurting my eyes. I also like that I don’t need to rinse off the formula after using the wipes or the spray. The Bruder Eyelid Solution spray makes my eyes feel good. I think using these both of these products is helpful in trying to keep the area around my eyes hygienic for inserting my Scleral contact lenses.
  • Occusoft Platinum. My eyes hated all the other products including HypoChlor (Hypochlorous Acid) even though it was recommended by my Ophthalmologists. I'm in the if isn't broke, don't fix it camp right now. This works well for me. I use it in the morning and last thing at night.
  • Hypochlor spray
  • Heydrate Hypochlorous Acid: cheaper than Avenova, softer on eyelids than other brands, including Ocusoft..


Rebecca's comment: If you're using baby shampoo, I would encourage you to read this article.

  • Irritation from tea tree oil. I use Zocular now.
  • The gels never leave me feeling clean. I liked the foaming tea tree wash I had but some of the negative tea tree reports made me wary of using tea tree products.
  • I find it essential, and as I noted, I use both hypochlorous acid and a wipe with tea tree oil every day.
  • Does not irritate or sting eyes
  • The Occusoft pre-moistened lid scrub pads are super convenient. I especially like that the pad itself is folded in such a way to make it easier to unfold.
  • I find that rubbing irritates my lids. I do clean them carefully when I wash my face with my hands and mild cleanser. Otherwise I just use the hypochlorous acid spray several times a day.
  • It's silky and does the job.
  • I use 3 products - both t- tree and hypochlorus and regular shampoo
  • The red at my eyelid line disappeared within days and has stayed away.
  • I alternate regular Ocusoft foam with Tranquileyes tea tree cleanser every other day.
  • I have yet to find a pad-based eyelid cleanser that does not irritate my eyes—they all seem to have some ingredient that disagrees with me. I would prefer to use these for travel if I could find one that works for me. [Have you checked our ingredient list to compare things? - You might check out the new Ivizia gel, or iLid n lash regular]
  • Tea tree oil is my favorite. I can (and do) use wipes or a gentle soap when camping or traveling, but after about a week they reveal they're less effective.
  • Tea tree oil is a bit too harsh as I also have ocular rosea
  • I have sjogren's and lid cleansing became absolutely necessary when tear ducts were cauterized
  • Consistency is really important for me. Same routine every morning and night.
  • Please tell me how eyelid hygiene influences MGD? I would appreciate it. [Keeping the lid margins clean and the gland orifices clear of debris is the goal - to help prevent inflammation in and around the glands that can affect oil production and composition. Here's a recent study I just found - you might want to read the introduction at least.[
  • i use tea tree foam cleanser followed by Avenova spray morning and night.. It has really helped my eyelids. But by the evening my lashes don’t feel that great
  • That if you do it regularly -- especially as a woman who wears mascara -- it REALLY makes a difference.
  • I'm open to suggestion, if you can offer an affordable foaming tea tree eyelid scrub. Thank you [I find that the larger size Eye Eco foams are pretty economical? they don't make medical claims, but they are quite popular and have two strengths]
  • The pump bottle really saves money over single use pads for regular use. I'm so glad to have found them.
  • It's an absolute must, because all night my eyes are miserable and by morning I would be just beyond miseries if I had to live my waking hours as miserable as sleeping is. Eye Cleansing is one of the most important Thing I do all day.
  • I use wa compress
  • Haven’t tried many but will once I hear results of survey.
  • not making any meaningful difference
  • Important to do it first thing in the morning. Don't delay........
  • I ‘steam’ my eyes (using Eyeeco instants) every morning and night, then use OcuSoft Allergy wipe cleansing thoroughly along the upper and lower lids.
  • In the morning I wash my face with CeraVe SA (salicylic acid) Cleanser. I wonder if that helps remove dead skin/debris around my eyes therefore helping to prevent blepharitis? I have not had problems with blepharitis since using it,
  • I do like hypochlorous acid sprays too
  • I use the ocusoft in combination with the nulids device.
  • Ocusoft wipes and foam cleanser are better at removing any residue of makeup than any face makeup wipes I had used.
  • My lids are dry, red, and sensitive due to occular Rosacea. Any suggestions? [Possibly i-Lid n Lash regular type? We don't sell them here but they have hyaluronate and to me they feel very moisturizing]
  • I never realized how helpful it was when I noticed that I don’t get styes as oftenz
  • Spray, blink for 30 seconds, wipe lids--that's my process with Hypochlorus Acid spray
  • If I clean twice a day my eyes just feel better, so I don’t skip it.
  • I am using zocular
  • Be gentle; Beware of Tea Tree Oil Sensitivities; Ask Doctor about AzaSite for MGD protocol (when Thea' gets it back on market), Apply drop of gel to lid margin w/ cotton tip swab [ think Azasite is back.]
  • I have been using pH-balanced feminine cleanser for cleaning my eyelids every morning for years now. Very effective and reasonably priced.
  • I wish there was a good product that cleaned and also moisturized the eye area. [Have you tried Oasis or i-Lid n Lash? Personally I find those the most moisturizing - they have hyaluronate, and they're also the most "wet" wipes I've found, they actually feel rather slimy]
  • I don’t use anything at all!
  • "Just do it."
  • I use baby shampoo twice daily and in between I use just warm water

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