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Cleaning & Disinfection (3/2019)Updated 2 years ago


March 13-27, 2019




Question 1: What product do you normally use for overnight disinfection of your scleral lenses?

Question 2: What product do you normally use for "rub" cleaning"

Comments from participants

Participants who selected “Other”:

  • I use ReNu Advance Formula to soak & disinfect the lenses over night.
  • I use BioTrue for rub/rinse during the day, and occasionally store the lenses in it for short periods (like for a nap). I have used SupraClens enzymatic cleaner, too, but it's harder to find in stores than Boston One Step.
  • I use the Boston Advance Cleaner, rinse with saline, followed by the Boston Advance Conditioning Solution.
  • I use Boston Simplus on a regular basis; supplemented with Clear Care Plus once or twice a week.
  • The only product I use to clean and disinfect my lenses is Refine One Step. It is similar to Clear Care but it's the only product my doctor wants her patients to use. I buy it at her office for $24 for 3 12oz bottles. It can be ordered on Amazon but their price is 3x as much.
  • Rub with Clear Care Plus before storing overnight in Clear Care Plus case
  • I have hydrapeg coating so can only use certain solutions. I want to try unique ph with lacripure as I hear this helps with comfort sometimes more than boston simplus and it is hydrapeg approved. I am only a month in wearing sclerals and they are becoming more comfortable as the weeks go on especially as I've played around with solutions and adding celluvisc. I hope that unique ph will bring even more comfort as I heard it is very gentle.
  • I use the esc 2-3 x week before Unique ph per md.
  • I use the Walmart brand of Clear Care. I used to use the Boston Simplus for a rub cleaner but read on this forum that the rub was not always needed so stopped and have not had any issues.
  • Biotrue
  • I use Boston ORIGINAL for overnight disinfecting.
  • I use Boston Simplus to soak and disinfect my lenses but that was not listed as an option on question #1. I use Biotrue to rub and rinse my lenses.
  • Did not know Clear Care could be used
  • LOBON CDS: I am now using a Hydrapeg treated scleral lens. Both Optimum CDS and Unique pH are recommended cleaning agents to preserve this wetting surface.
  • Never have a problem.
  • I use One Step after almost every time I wear them. It seems to be the one way to keep them from gooping up immediately when I wear them.
  • I use the weekly cleaner recommended by Advaced Technologies located in Colorado .
  • I use Boston Advance Cleaner twice daily to clean/rub my lenses.
  • I also use Unique ph on my left lenses since it has the special coating hydra peg. The right lens get the Lobob ESC.
  • I alternate daily between Boston Simplus and Clear Care, and have had good success with this for several years
  • rub cleanser - Sereine Extra Strength Daily Cleanser
  • Began wearing in January 2019 so new to this after wearing RGP lenses for 20+ years.
  • I use Lobob Sterile Cleaning Solution for my daily rub, and alternate daily between Boston Simplus and Clear Care for my overnight disinfection. I've been doing this for several years with good success.
  • I was unaware that there are two different kinds of Clear Care. Are both still produced and sold, or did Clear Care Plus with Hydraglide replace "plain" Clear Care?
  • I only began using Boston Simplus because Unique pH has been out of stock.
  • I wish Unique PH was available in Canada. I have to use Boston Advance on one lens and Opti-free Pure Moist on the lens with Hydrapeg coating.
  • IMO, nothing cleans them better than rubbing. I use a Q-tip.
  • I was told to use Unique pH for daily cleaning and Clear Care overnight. Despite careful rinsing, I found my Clear Care overflowed every night. Then I was told to just manually rub my lenses with a few drops of Clear Care instead. Problem solved.
  • No
  • Rub cleaner: Boston Advance — red top bottle
  • I have bought only branded Clear Care and Lobob and had no issues. (Afraid to try anything else...not worth it to save a few bucks and hurt my eyes.)
  • Store in presentative free saline
  • Ultrazyme occasionally
  • It is way more expensive than for regular lens!!
  • I used lobos cds for rub and then deep clean overnight with ccp.
  • Ultrazyme once a month


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