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Insertion Difficulty (11/2018)Updated 2 years ago


November 28-December 4, 2018



Results: How long did it take you to learn to insert your scleral lenses with confidence?

Comments from participants

  • Less than 1 week
  • After 20 years of using contacts, I didn't have any trouble inserting scleral lenses. I inserted them on my first try and haven't had any issues since.
  • Needed to use the stand in order to get them in
  • Some days I struggle, some days  I get them right in. Maybe my dry eyes are more sensitive than others
  • Maybe 2 days, but I had worn corneal RGP lenses for ten years so it was not a great leap to wearing sclerals.
  • One Week; I thought I knew it all...but now, after 27 years of wearing PROSE, I can insert them within two minutes. It gets easier. 
  • Just a couple of days.
  • There are days when i nail it on the first try. Then days like today where one took 3 tries and the other took about 8 before i could get them in bubble-free.
  • It only took me a couple of days. My doctor was great at teaching me how to use the three finger method.
  • I’m inconsistent. Insert with ease for a period of time & then struggle for a while & then back with ease. Crazy
  • 1 day
  • My son started using sclerals while he has about 8 Yeats old. It took him about a year not to be affraid yo usé them.
  • 3 days
  • Less than a week. I did realize that using the suction plunger to hold the lens firmly was the easiest way. I can't open my eye wide enough and having the lens held firmly by suction allows me to place it under the bottom lid and then get past the top lid.
  • about 3 weeks
  • I've been inserting PROSE daily for 6 1/2 years. At 6 months I got both in on the first try about 2 days a week. 2 years ago it was a 70% chance on a given day. Now I'm up to 88%. I still sigh before I start most mornings. :-D Hang in there!
  • 2 weeks to tolerability. Now, still learning 30 months still learning
  • 2 years to actually feel completely confident.
  • I did it right away. Had many years of inserting regular contacts, so these were no big deal.
  • Boston Foundation gave me an inserter that had a green LED light in it. With this device I was able to see better. I can not see close up with glasses.
  • 1-2 days
  • less than one week. Boston Foundation for Sight trained me
  • About 20 minutes. I was shown by the assistant at Ken Pullman’s practice in the UK.
  • 6 months to get the hang of it!
  • I had been wearing hybrid contacts for years so having the stiffer scleral lenses was actually easier in my opinion than the soft outer lense with the hard attached in the middle. My Doctors nurse showed me once and it was easy from there.
  • I was never able to get them in. My optometrist decided they were not going to work. I was inspired by this group to keep trying.
  • I was fortunate. I had it down in a couple of days. It's been nearly 13 years for me. I still occasionally have an off day.
  • Tried for a few weeks when Lacrisert wasn't available, gave up, never mastered insertion. Lenses we not comfortable, and fluid got cloudy after 5 or 6 hours.
  • Immediately. I have never had an eye phobia and have had many invasive retinal and corneal eye surgeries. No surgeries that required general anesthesia. My retinal surgeon and I discussed the books we had read recently during the surgeries. My retinal doctor and surgeon was Travis Meredith who has since retired:( Jan N Ulrich, MD Is now my retinologist. He is awesome! My corneal doctor is Richard Davis,MD. Both are located at UNC-CH’s Kittner Eye Center. My optometrist and Scleral Lens specialist is Thomas S. Devetski, OD at the Duke Eye Center. How lucky am I that all of these doctors are within a few minutes of my home.  Rebecca.  If you are reading this I know through your emails that you you heard Richard and Thomas speak at a recent conference in Chapel Hill. Thomas’ turn around time is three weeks from exam to delivery! Incredible! And only one tweak if even that.  Best to you and thank you so much for taking care of us eye gimps:) Keith 
  • One day
  • I was good to go in a day
  • I could never insert them so I eventually gave up.
  • 1 day. Have used both hard, soft contact lenses in past. Could not tolerate either long RT drying. Had good scleral lens doctor who worked me through process and teach-back in office when first started. Excellent investment of time to learn correctly first experience. I have had to be creative when lacking materials like mirror, tool to remove. Try to always travel with minimum supplies always.
  • The first time I inserted the PROSE lenses, it took 45 minutes. My eyes were red as beets, and had I any tears I would have been bawling my eyes out. After a week I was slow but pretty good. However, after two years I still struggle frequently, taking me 3 or 4 times to insert without bubbles.
  • I was able to insert and remove my lenses during the final fitting appointment. For me, it's never been a problem. However, this might be due to the fact that I work in theater and have extensive experience in SPFX Makeup.
  • I previously worn gas perm contacts and I work for the doctor that fit my sclerals. I now teach our patients how to wear and care for them
  • Immediately. Easier to insert than a standard contact.
  • One day. I didn’t have too many problems.

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