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Scleral lens filling solutions (6/2023)Updated 10 months ago

Dates: May 18 to June 8, 2023

Participants: 172

1. Which saline do you normally use?

2. Do you add anything to the saline?

  • 37% - Yes
  • 63% - No

3. If so, what?

  • 61% - Refresh Celluvisc
  • 27% - Another artificial tear (those mentioned included Refresh Plus, Refresh Optive, Refresh Relieva, Systane Hydration and Oasis Tears Plus)
  • 12% - Something else (autologous serum tears and some contact lens solutions were mentioned)


  • 97% said that what they added is preservative-free.

4. How satisfied are you with your filling solution?






  • The Celluvisc cleared up my fogging problem
  • Changing sclerals 4-5 times a day owing to clouding. I also use serum eye drops 2-4 times a day.
  • Cost effective and easy to use
  • I appreciated the information about the recycling program, but still hate all of the plastic containers needed for Scleral use.
  • I wish there was an option that was not in plastic but I understand this is not feasible from a manufacturing and safety standpoint
  • I switch between Nutrifill and Scleralfill, depending on the stock I've at any given point. In both cases I find that added a thicker eye drop helps with comfort. I also find that my eyes are more comfortable while wearing sclerals when I'm also wearing Ziena moisture chamber glasses.
  • I like the small Purilens container size but worry about contamination with mutiple use - up to three months. [Rebecca's note: Per manufacturer instructions, discard 14 days after opening. Per recent studies, it may become contaminated much sooner. We strongly recommend following your doctor's guidance.]
  • I'd like the container to be smaller so there's less waste. I'd rather have to open a 2nd container than throw away most of a single container.
  • Wish it was less expensive. The switch from RGP lenses to scleral lenses has been more expensive, with maybe some visual acuity improvement (I have keratoconus.)
  • No solution is perfect.
  • I've tried almost all of them. Sclerafil and Purilens are the only ones tolerated.
  • Adding a drop of Refresh Celluvisc prevents fogginess and extends - and sometimes doubles - wear time before cleaning
  • I put them in the fridge. It feels nice and cool on my eyes. They always feel so dry and hot.
  • Very satisfied with Purilens Plus except for the price. Since I’ve been using it the price has jumped from $30 to $45 in just a few years.
  • Not everyone likes it but it suits me well! I subscribe
  • Not really
  • Still have fogging/film on exterior of lens
  • I have problems with the lenses becoming smudged and blurred but I don't think it's because of the saline solution
  • I would prefer a recyclable plastic container.
  • I have the two sizes of bottles of PuraLens. If my larger bottles run out before I receive my next subscription I have the smaller bottles to carry me over. I tend to use a lot of saline in cleaning my lens after they have been soaking
  • Sometimes need 3 drops Celluvisc to avoid clouding by end of day. Purilens is less expensive than Addipak but Addipak is good for emergency kit and short trips.
  • Some fogging. Rather expensive.
  • Modudose okay. Using remainder of box. Prefer Sclerafil though, which I've also tried. Problem: only have one scleral, so most of vial has to be discarded at end of day . Doctor said trying to hold remaining saline to day #2 increases infection risk. [Rebecca's note: Kudos to doctor for saying so]
  • Easily 20+ hours of wear (or as long as I'm awake)
  • My OD/fitter started me with Lacripure. My eyes burned every night I removed my sclerals. I joined the FB group. Learned about buffered saline. Switched to Scleralfil and no more burning. My eyes love it. The price point isn't much different with exception of having to buy three 30 dose boxes vs one 98 dose box. But, that's ok.
  • I don't add Refresh to my solution, but put Refresh drops in before and after putting my scleral contact in and when I take them out. I put Refresh drops in every 30 - 60 minuyes while wearing scleral contacts to keep my eyes moist. I can wear them much longer then.
  • It is the only one I have ever used and most days it works well. Sometimes I have to redo the filling process.
  • I like that the systane hydration comes in a PF bottle.
  • Less fogging
  • Purilens Plus cost is high compared to using a product like the Boston Advance I used for both cleaning and daily wear before I switched from RGP to scleral lenses.
  • I’d like the twist off top to be able to twist back on like the small vial refresh plus. There are times when I want to keep it sterile for longer after opening.
  • I need a buffered saline with a pH around 7. Anything less burns my eyes.
  • I tried adding Refresh Plus eyedrops to Nutrifill, but I didn’t notice any real benefit, so I quit adding it. I’m happy with how the Nutrifill works on its own.
  • Scleralfil is great, except for the vials being available in only one, too large size. I end up wasting a fair amount because it needs to be discarded for safety before I use most of it--most of the time. I realize this is a function of being experienced in insertion. When I was new to insertion, I hated the too small vials which were all I knew about then (2014). The top opens easily and cleanly.
  • Only one I've tried that let's me get more than 12 hours of wear.
  • Completely happy with the filling solutions.
  • Price point is good
  • Could use smaller Nutrifill. I waste a lot.
  • I dont have another one to compare to...
  • My sclerals get cloudy very quickly despite doing everything recommended.
  • 5ml addipak is fine, oasis TP .3ml too small, 1ml would be better
  • I wish I could put a lid on it.
  • A container that re-caps would be great.
  • I do love the way the nutrifill makes my eyes feel...and no need for celluvisc. As a matter of fact, when I do use the celluvisc it only blurs my vision and I do not get any benefits from it with the nutrifil
  • It’s too expensive. I use it daily sometimes twice daily.
  • I love PuriLens. I also have NutriFill, but HATE the packaging! I need a bottle I can recap.
  • I tried nutrifil, the vial put too much solution in the lens.
  • My eyes feel good with this solution
  • I get 2 to 3 days from each vial unless I have to remove and reinsert lenses multiple times per day
  • I used a different brand which you can now only get by prescription- it’s saline, how ridiculous is this- the single use vials had a different shape which made it easier to control while using.
  • NC
  • Adding the systane hydration drops stops fogging. If long wear time 12+hrs fogging returns.
  • BSS 15 ML single use bottle with cap is by far the best single dose application on the market.
  • My doctor does not recommend Addipak, because it is not controlled and the quality is questionable. Scleralfil is sterile, PF, AND Buffered. It has the best content that is balanced for the eyes. He does.not recommend any other brands than Scleralfil.

Describe your ideal scleral lens filling solution

  • slightly larger than sclera fill container
  • Fully satisfied with Lacripure. I wouldn't change anything.
  • Nutrifil solution in Sclerafil bottles.
  • Don't like the amount of plastic used for use.
  • I also like the 10 ml size preservative free for travel
  • Cheaper would be helpful. Also, less prone to clouding after two hours.
  • Not enough experience to say. Just a newby!
  • Multi-use instead of single use, environmentally friendly packaging.
  • I prefer the larger containers of Nutrifill and Scleralfill. Scleralfill is a little more easier to pop open than Nutrifill. I have tried other Salines in the past like Addipak, Lacripure, and Purilens. However, I found that they're either too small in quantity per vial or there was a risk of contamination (Purilens). So now, despite the higher than avg cost, I use Nutrifill and Scleralfill.
  • Would like saline with dry eye comonent added
  • 5ml would be the perfect size, I like that it's not round.
  • When I wore RGP lenses, I only needed one solution for daily cleaning, disinfection, and wear - I used Boston Advance. (I also used Boston Enzymatic cleaner about once a month.) With my scleral lenses, I use Boston Simplus for daily cleaning and disinfection and the PuriLens Plus for wear. It would be wonderful to have a single product that I could use for daily cleaning, disinfection, and wear.
  • It would hold up better all day and eliminate eye debris so no clouding.
  • I like the pink Addipak size but would like it to be a little smaller, to contain about 3/4 the amount
  • I feel as if there is a waste of fluid left over, and I want recyclable vials
  • I hate throwing them in the landfill. Where is the sustainability ?
  • I might switch to Nutrifill if it came in the 4 oz bottles Purilens Plus does. It is more comfortable, I just can't justify all that packaging.
  • Same—small, PF, daily vials
  • A smaller size to carry in a small purse throughout the day.
  • Truly recyclable!
  • Pink vials hard to separate and open. Use B&L Sensitive Eyes saline for rinsing. Why can't this also be used for filling? [Because it's preserved - your scleral lens would hold that toxic preservative against your eye all day.] Also, are there buffered and unbuffered salines? [Check out this article.] Which is best? [The best one is the one that works best for you. Seriously, it's pretty individual. I prefer Nutrifill.]
  • I like the Addipak 3mL size (cheapest off of Vitality Medical site). I use the TerraCycle free recycle program to send vials to be recycled.
  • Smaller than what I'm currently using, single use. I feel bad opening it and having so much leftover that I have to just pour out
  • It would be nice to have a multi use container, but realize that these could contribute to infection which would not be good. Enough for a month or even a couple of weeks would be great.
  • I would love to try a buffered saline but need a smaller size product I can't justify the 10 ml size and throwing away over half the vial each day.
  • Ideal solution would be a single all-purpose solution that could be used for cleaning, disinfection, and daily wear similar to the Boston Advance I used when I wore RGP lenses for my keratoconus. I currently use Boston Simplus for disinfection and daily cleaning, but I have not seen where it is OK for daily wearing. If it were suitable for daily wear, then it would be ideal for me.[Filling solutions have to be preservative-free for safety reasons. Multi-purpose solutions cannot be preservative free.]
  • Smaller container, recyclable plastic
  • A smaller vial
  • Would like the container to have a flat bottom and stand up.
  • I’m using more Ivizia than Addipak and it’s working great. 4 drops Ivizia and about 3 drops Addipak to finish filling the lens
  • Scleralfil is pretty close to ideal.
  • .2 ml, mini-bottle which stands upright on its own. Scleral fill stands up well on its own, but usually has more filling solution than I need at one time.
  • Scleralfil- slightly smaller would be nice. The celluvisc is fine
  • Sclerafil bottles are too big should be half the size
  • Single use they are good for rinse both lenses and filling for insurtion
  • Nutrifil in Sclerafil containers. I like the drop size more on the Sclerafil bottles.
  • The Addipak 5ml is easy to open and I usually get 2 days out of 1 vial
  • 5 ml nutrifill would be great
  • Quite large and waste but for travel I use it to rinse too
  • 5ml saline + similar concentration of oasis tp to 1 drop in lens full in single solution
  • The current size is perfect. The only thing I would like to change is to make them resealable.
  • It would be helpful if Purilens made small travel size vials - slightly larger than the pink Addipack vials - that could be easily tucked into a purse, bike pack or small fanny pack, etc. for use on the go. Carrying a 2 oz. bottle around for emergencies is not optimal.
  • I do wish the nutrifill was either in smaller bottles or that it came with a cap. I understand why it doesn't close, but would be nice to close in case you needed it again within a few hours. I love to use it throughout the day as re-wetting drops or to rinse outside of lens without removing...feels very wasteful to open and toss, open and toss....
  • Just less expensive or twice as many vials for that price
  • 5 mL Sclerafil type container
  • PuriLens has the perfect bottle for me. If NutriFill switched to bottles I’d be beyond happy.
  • I’m happy with sclerafil
  • The container is hard to open -- I need to use scissors to separate vials without them accidentally opening. Addipack was better! 
  • A round vial.
  • NC
  • Love the single use vials! Works great.
  • BSS solution is far superior to anything else. Unfortunately now that i've retired my new insurance plan will not cover in 2024.. Ive been on BSS for 27 yrs.
  • 5 mL and recyclable
  • I need a big bottle for rinsing my lenses, and a smaller one which exactly fills two lenses (about 14 drops each). The Scleralfil is somewhere in between
  • Wish they came with tops you could put back on since there is always leftover solution after opening the vial.
  • large for home and small for travel pack
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