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Wear Time (12/2018)Updated a year ago


December 12-18, 2018




Question #1: How many hours, on average, do you wear your scleral lenses each day?

Question #2: Which factors limit your lens wear time?

Comments from participants

  • I'm very lucky, but have done my share of experimenting. Currently I have 18mm with hydrapeg and use purilens and celluvisc to fill. I can wear make up. I use restasis in the winter. My lens is over a cornea graft... I'm 20/25. I've worn everything and piggybacked in the past. This is the best for me.
  • Still in fitting stage
  • I can sometimes go past 16 hours, but try not to. If they feel dry I can usually get more wear time by refreshing the saline. If they get blurry I can do a cotton swab squeegee.
  • I'm just getting used to them. My wear time is still increasing. (I hope)
  • Wearing time is not a problem, I just have to clean every few hours.
  • I wear Blanchard Onefit. I believe a more custom fitting would increase my wear time ( 6 hours is my comfort zone now - but I wear 12+ hours). Finding a local provider has been impossible.
  • My fit is very comfortable but I go nuts with mucus buildup and fogging which happens frequently and quickly. If I blink too fast or sneeze , they instantly fog up. And it sometimes takes me cleaning and filling them up several times before they “ work” again. Any suggestions of how to avoid or lessen this happening is greatly appreciated!
  • I can only see for a few minutes per day if I do not wear my lens
  • they get heavy and sore
  • My cornea transplant in the right eye of over forty years is failing. The longer I wear them it triggers red painful eyes. Take prednisone and cambigan drops to help decrease episodes. Often I don’t wear them at all.
  • Some days are better than others. For whatever reason, sometimes I just can't wear them because of eye irritation or I can't get them in before it's too late to get to work on time.
  • I have to use Q-top with cleaning solution to clean mucus off lenses about twice a day
  • Worn anytime my eyes are open.
  • Just curious if I got some sort of a Prose “world record” recently: I flew several flights to Kuala Lumpur - travel time about 30 hours - and kept the Proses in the whole way. It was definitely time to take ‘me out when I finally got there!
  • Need to instill glaucoma drops in morning and evening
  • vision appears blurry after wearing lenses for 8 hours
  • I wear them as long as I am awake eventhough they are often uncomfortable due to dryness or even painful due to neuropathic pain. This is preferable to constant tearing due to dryness.
  • I can only wear them for a short period of time (30 min to a couple of hours) before I have to clean them due to mucus build up. Frustrating.
  • The most uncomfortable lenses ever!
  • Unlike traditional contact lenses, which I could never wear for extended periods of time (for various reasons), the PROSE devices are so amazing! So comfortable from the moment I put them in until i need to take them out to go to sleep. I even forget I have them in. But my vision is so good, I KNOW they are in. (My doctor had said they would be like wearing a pair of shoes, no pain, but you knew they were in. I never had that...They were comfortable from day one.)
  • I usually wear them from the time I get up until right before I go to sleep. Most days I do need to take them out, clean, refill and reinsert once a day, as my vision can get somewhat cloudy as the day wears on. I can't function normally without them so even cloudy vision is better than really awful vision!
  • My eyes feel better with lenses in than not. I’ve been lucky so far, as comfort, mucus, fogging and the like have not been issues for me.
  • I wear the left lens 7-10 hours without ever noticing I have it in. The right one I can comfortably wear about 3 hours before I have to take it out. Sometimes cleaning and re-inserting will give me another 3 hours; some days only 1 or 2 hours. The doctor at Boston Sight said the right lens had a good fit, but the right eye was much drier than the left and that was the reason for the difference in wearing time.
  • Usually I can wear then as long as I want. Not often there is some discomfort after a few hours and I will remove them.
  • My prose lens is my best friend. I've been wearing if for 5 years and could not live without it!
  • Air quality. Have experienced irritation and fogging in large stores. Have to leave immediately. Can be painful. Have to remove and rest eyes.
  • I usually remove them once a day to refresh them, and always after showeringZ and blow-drying my hair.
  • I sometimes wear them up to 18 hours but most days, 16 is the limit. I often remove and rinse with sterile saline and reinsert in the early evening for greater comfort and visual acuity.
  • Mostly I remove them when I get sick of cleaning them, which I have to do at least once halfway through the day. in the evening I sometimes just give up and take them out. however my eyes are much more irritated without them.
  • Some days, my eyes are downright sore from wearing them all day... but I have severe dry eye (no tears at all) due to a bone marrow transplant... and have to wear them while awake.
  • I take them our after about 10 hours to use my glaucoma drops and then put them in 4 0r 5 hours till bedtime. No fogging or comfort issues.
  • Remove so can be cleaned for next day. 1 in 4 days are dirty so need removal
  • The weather makes a big difference and what I am doing thru the day outside
  • If I have a cold or stuffy head it affects how long I can wear them
  • Longer wear time and they get uncomfortable and seem to “stick” to my eye and are harder to pluck out
  • I can usually comfortably wear my lenses as long as I want. My doctor said that I can wear them for up to 16 hours a day so I try to keep wear time to between 14-16 hours a day.
  • Love my lens. See 2 lines better with them
  • I wear them longer than I should, but due to severe dry eye I can’t take them out before bedtime.
  • I usually have to clean the lens after 6 hours
  • But I do take the one Prose lens I have for my left eye out, clean and reinsert at least 2-3 times a day.
  • In addition to the last survey answers, my PROSE lens does have a habit of fogging up if air conditioner is blowing directly on me or if I sneeze the lens suddenly has solution well up inside and it looks like I'm peering through a fish bowl. When this happens, I take it out, clean and reinsert.
  • New to scleral lens my wear time has been based upon there comfort. Will try scleralfill solution per Dr recommendations to see if the lenses are more comfortable.
  • I continue to have dry eye putting drops in constantly. I can see to drive distances with my scleral.
  • I usually wear them about 10 hours each day, however I do need to take them out, clean them, and put them back in due to mucous build up.
  • I’m sure I am wearing them too long. I am up early and stay up late, which means they are in for a long time. Sometimes I have to take them out and clean them when I get home from work, if they are particularly cloudy at that point in the day.
  • I need them badly to drive, read, play sports, watch sporting events, tv, etc. but they are so difficult for me to insert that I avoid using them whenever I can. Sometimes my wife has to help me get it in.
  • I am feeling the edges of the sclerals and have tried everything. What can I try next?


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